Christmas-Time is Here


Here they crucified him, and with him two others – one on each side and Jesus in the middle.
John 19:18

Crucifixion, a means of execution for only the slaves, basest of criminals, and offenders of foreign citizenship, was a horrible (to say the least) experience. So despicable that none of the Gospel writers dwell on the physical sufferings of Jesus.

During the Christmas season, a time of celebration, I want also to remember Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. He came to save, bear all sins, heal the lame, bring hope and peace, and to die a death set apart for only the lowest of beings. For me?? A self-centered; selfish; self-righteous and self-guided human being. All this, for me?? That is love.

Today, Lord, I marvel at Your love. All that You’ve been and done and continue to be and do is worth celebrating. I do not deserve such love. Thank You for You eternal gifts. Christmas is truly a time to rejoice! Amen!


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