A Strange Dream

11 weeks along:

I had an odd dream last night… one of many that I’ve had so far. Mariska Hargitay was in it… not sure why… but she was pregnant with me and we went to a fair that focused solely on pregnant Moms. They talked about fascinating things, most of which I don’t recall but some having to do with pro-life issues and caring for the life of a child from day one.

All of a sudden, I realize that I’ve left my two younger daughters home alone! I frantically run to find my car and I can’t find my keys along the way (I usually put them on the belt loop of my jeans but they were not there). By the grace of God I find them on a rock and jump over the rocks with Mariska.

Through all this, worries of strangers entering my home to take my crying children, or getting my children taken away from me for neglect, I finally make it home to them and my older daughter cries “I thought you weren’t coming back” as we all were in a huddled embrace.

I awoke shortly after that but the image of my daughters face still aches my heart. I have heard of women having these dreams during pregnancy and supposedly it shares the insecurity of being unable to care for one’s children. Perhaps that is the subconscious fear I have… but I know that through Christ Jesus, I can do all things! I will stand on that promise to triumph over the fears that my flesh long to fret over.

Praise You Lord for the promises You give us to stand on and prove You true through. You are awesome! Thank You and praise You in Jesus’ name! Amen!


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