To Do’s

Organizing, organizing and MORE organizing! haha

I’ve been catching up on my disorganized self for the past several years… and either I’m nesting or the Lord has finally taken every interest outside of family and family life from me and caused me to have a passion for order. Because of one or the other, my house if finally starting to feel like home… my home finally starting to feel like a sanctuary!

Of course the journey started long ago, but the major turn of events for my home-life has been since I found It turned my focus from ministry outside my home and all around to my own family. I had been neglecting many of my jobs and much of the value of the mother and wife was being missed out on and lost because of it.

Fortunately, after several years of investing in my marriage and my parenting, God helped build the foundation and since has started to build on that. I love seeing the wonderful progress of this beautiful masterpiece being developed and improved.

Just recently I’ve made an amazing transformation of this house… perhaps when it’s all finished I’ll post the before and after pictures! haha It’s too embarrassing to do until then.

Lord, continue to bless this journey! I’m so excited to see where You’re bringing us! Thank You for Your perfect way! In Jesus’ name! Amen.


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