Our Decision to UP/UC

25 weeks along:

What made us decide to have an unassisted pregnancy and delivery? Well, it’s not something we can really explain in the depth of where it started and emerged to the surface, but here is a general idea of our journey.

Our journey officially began well before the story begins, but we’ll start from the morning we discovered we were pregnant with out first child. We were so very excited and embraced the idea of not rushing to the hospital for “what if”’s and “just in case”’s. We knew the Lord is the great Physician and trusted Him. After 20 weeks we fell to the pressures of the few of those around us who were concerned and we went to see the OB. After numerous doctors’ visits, several unnecessary tests and 5 pointless ultrasounds, we finally got to hold our sweet little girl in our arms.

My labor with her was amazing. I didn’t even know that it was “it” when the contractions were coming. I walked around, enjoyed conversation with family, and then as they started to become what seemed to be “unbearable” we left for the hospital. We got to the hospital and they told me that I was already 6 cm dilated. Even still, at 7-8cm dilated my doctor felt things weren’t progressing fast enough so she broke my water… I of course saluted all that she said as though she were the all-knowing. Of course, I also wanted to have this baby already! The time went on and I heard myself say “I can’t” and laughed in my head knowing that she was coming. I was actually saying what they said I would and it was really happening. We had a healthy baby girl just moments later. From the moment I got to the hospital until she was born, the amount of time was a little over 3 hours.

After we conceived our second child, upon request of our OB, we started the doctors visits at 12 weeks. My pregnancy was longer than I could’ve imagined and quite impersonal. We allowed, against our better judgment, the hospital to rob part of the miracle and wonder of the uncontrolled wonder of the development and birth of God’s gift -our child.

We confirmed our suspicions one afternoon that we were in fact pregnant with our second child! We were so excited… at first. The pregnancy dragged on and on and I got quite impatient near the end. A week before my due date I took natural inducers and tried to get things going. I believe I did just that, but before my poor girl was ready. For the next week I had strong contractions getting her into position. The morning before she came (right on her original due date), I awoke to painful and unbearable contractions. I timed them and could not take them any longer. They were the worst, most painful thing I had ever experienced. We arrived at the hospital for them to inform me that I was 7 cm dilated. Praise God! This was it. The contractions were right on top of each other and utterly unbearable. I cried and screamed in pain and begged for something to ease the pain. It will be one of the many things I regret doing. I threw up all over myself, fell asleep between contractions and had no control over my body. I was a slug and felt completely out of it. After several hours of long hard pushing, my daughter (who was in posterior position) finally entered the world and was placed in my arms. Due to the stress of labor, she was born with a whole in her lung but recovered quickly, (praise God!) but unfortunately that first hour after she was born she was hooked up to machines and we had no bonding time. I struggled with my emotional attachment to her. It wouldn’t be for several months I’d overcome that.

Again, around approximately 15 months following our second child’s birth, we were blessed once again and are excited to be on this whole new journey! Now in my 27th week, we couldn’t be more excited to have our third child growing inside of me, getting prepared and ready to be welcomed into our arms!

After our first pregnancies and birth experiences we saw impatience and dread encompassing much of it, and we are excited to use those experiences to better this one and experience a happy, healthy, safe, and exciting home birth in patience and joy. With this pregnancy, I’m excited to say I’m feeling more of a “Wow, only 13 weeks left!” Instead of, “I’m not there yet!” The Lord is so great!

Prior to discovering we were pregnant with our precious delight, we were led to get educated on limiting doctors’ visits and the possibility of an at home birth. We concluded that we desire to have the intimacy of new beginnings to be shared with each other -without the distractions, concerns, fears, demands, probing, and constant reminder of “how LONG” pregnancy is. We want to enjoy every moment and embrace each as God’s perfect timing. We want to surround ourselves with people who will inspire us to be healthy, happy, and trusting in Jesus. We want to experience faith, freedom, and serenity. And we have!

We have been blessed and trust that we will continue to be during this journey of unassisted pregnancy and to unassisted birth. Please feel free to read my UC posts and enjoy along with us!

Praise You, Lord, for all Your precious gifts! May I always be a good steward with them and raise them to know and love You. With all the power and authority that is in Your Holy Name, I pray! Amen!


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