70 days to go…

28 weeks along:

…atleast according to my “ticker” in my signature in several forums I visit. Haha. This baby will come when God says it’s time but I’ve got approximately 70 days left. 70 DAYS!

So with 10 weeks left to go – minus one or two giving I’ll most likely be HUGE – I have 8 weeks to prepare. How did this much time fly by so quickly… where was I? haha!

My oldest daughter will be 4 next month. FOUR… and I thought this pregnancy went fast! In July my younger daughter will be 2 years old and shortly following we will be carrying around our third sweet blessing from the Lord! Although 10 weeks isn’t very long… it is starting to seem a ways off. Not because I’m uncomfortable or done being pregnant but because I just want to hold and see and touch and smell this little baby! I know though that I certainly have enough to keep me busy and keep the remainder of the time to go by exceptionally quick.

The baby is rolling around in my belly; although I still can’t determine if s/he is in position yet or not. Last week my stomach was achy and distorted because s/he was sideways so I’m not sure if s/he turned or was just hanging out! haha!

It’s hard to believe that my oldest daughter was the same age as my younger when she welcomed her baby sister into the world. Now my 2 year old will be a big sister! She certainly loves my belly – she hugs and kisses it and rubs her hands gently on it. She likes to lay on it like a pillow and sing songs to the baby. It’s so sweet.

We hope to take the kids (I said girls originally but I might not be able to continue with that after baby #3 is born hehe) to the ocean again this year – as is what we did each summer after the girls were born. Now that I have my amazing Moby Wrap (thank you Debbie!) I will certainly enjoy the experience in a whole new way – and of course now that the girls are both old enough to enjoy it!

Oh speaking of Debbie! Congrats to you, my amazing sister! She is in week 7 of her pregnancy! With her two children in tow I’m so excited for this special opportunity for their family to grow and experience God’s glory in their lives once again! YAY! It’s great also that we get to enjoy this together. I will continue to pray for wisdom and strength over her as she struggles with the wonderful symptoms of a healthy and strong baby! 😉

So… Lori – when are you and Perry having your 5th?! 😀 haha! In the Lord’s time of course!

I’ve been experiencing some cramping in my lower right abdomen. My right hip has also been acting up a bit as well. I am pretty sure it’s because I’ve been walking too much. I suppose I need to keep an eye on how much I do it. I haven’t been squatting as much as I should be so I need to start doing that again. I also need to get drinking some more of my pregnancy tea. I still have some Red Raspberry Leaf tea left… maybe I’ll have some tonight before I go to bed! Yum!

I’m slowly but surely running out of clothes to wear! I sit and stare at my closet every morning wondering what am I going to do… haha! 2 of the shirts that fit me at this point have stains on them… I really need to work on my washing skills! haha!

I need to get some supplies still. Some shower curtains, sheets, chux disposable bed pads, bag of some sort for the placenta, and I’m not sure what else… Lori – anything I’m forgetting?! 🙂 I know I can count on you! 😀

I don’t think I’ll be using my tub – it takes too long to fill seeing as our faucet doesn’t work and we need to use the shower head. We’ll see though – you never know what you’re in the mood for when your in labor! I’ll have some towels ready for the dryer should I change my mind.

I also need to remember chapstick, juice, and snacks. I’ll also need to do some cooking the week of my due date to freeze meals. That will help a lot I think. Then we can just heat it up rather than be concerned with it.

Well… I suppose I’ve been carrying on for a bit… I’ll write more later!

YAY! Just 10 weeks to go! Woot!


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