Dreams are so fascinating.  They always intrigue me and when I have them, I’m left wondering what God is trying to tell me – if anything.  My last dream was very odd… as most of my dreams are.  I dreamt that there was a rainstorm and a screen tent that was in our yard had blown on top of someone’s van with what was apparently our hammer and axe through its screen. There was a young man on the back of the van trying to lift it off and he and DH pushed it off.  In doing so, it flew into the street and broke apart.  The wind sent it down the street and it crashed into a garbage bin down the road. We then heard screeching tires and a loud crash of a car (the kind from the movies lol).  Shortly following, I heard my girls’ screams.  I looked over my shoulder and started walking toward our van that was parked on the side of the street.  The screaming occurred again and took me out my dream into reality.  Turned out the girls were actually screaming and were arguing over a toy. lol


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