Another TMI Post!!

Dh and I decided yesterday to “encourage” labor by using a tempered version of an induction recipe with Castor Oil (shared by a friend at  Her recipe called for 1-2 tSp of Castor Oil chased by cola or orange juice, then 2-4 hours later another dose, and following that at least 4-6 so that it doesn’t bring on hard labor and helps in avoiding the risks that are associated with the midwife recipe.  We didn’t want hard labor, nor premature ruptured membranes and the like so we decided I’d take the smallest dose over the longest amount of time and if for no other reason than to *eh hem* “clean me out”.

I started at 3:30pm with 1 tSp with a grape Pedialyte chaser, had a second tSp 4 hours later at 7:30pm, and another at 1am.  I just took my fourth and last dose this morning at 8am with 2 tSp of Castor Oil with orange juice (much better than the Pedialyte, but still icky nonetheless! haha).

It’s promoted great contractions between 6 and 15 minutes apart.  I still have not had a bowel movement but have been good with my fiber up to this point so I’m assuming I’m just not in terrible need.  I checked just now and I am approximately 4 cm dilated and I’ve passed the mucuous plug!!  No more just bloody show, I’ve got bloody FLOW!  We’re getting closer!  Woohoo!  Praise God!

This wasn’t an easy decision for me, especially with my last experience, but we concurred that taking it the way I have been would encourage baby if s/he’s ready and not force him or her to come like the raw licorice did with DD#2.  We are trusting that this was to benefit the experience and not hinder!  Please agree with me in that!

I appreciate all of your support; it’s getting a bit intimidating now that it is getting closer but I am not allowing fear to replace my faith.  I am trusting that God will continue to communicate with me and that He will bring this baby at the perfect moment.  I know He’s prepared and educated us for this and He is steadfast in His provision!  Oh I’m so excited!  What an experience I missed out on with my older children even with having my amazing experience with DD#1.  I will never go back to reliance on doctors, not that I could with what I know now, but I am in such awe of my Great, Mighty, and Glorious Father in Heaven!  He is so Magnificent!  No word can even begin to express His Perfection.

To Him be all honor and glory on earth and in heaven for the work He’s doing in me and through me!!  Amen!


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