I just want to point out…

…that had the Lord not laid it on our hearts to have an unassisted home birth, we would have had the unassisted home birth completely unprepared and uneducated; and probably while completely terrified.  My contractions before my water broke were still several minutes apart and sporadic (between 4 and 20 minutes) and had we been planning to go to the hospital, we would not have gone until they were at least consistently 3-5 minutes apart (we live only moments from the hospital and we did this with both of our daughters).

Our fun, blessed, exciting, and completely amazing experience could have easily been one filled with fear, chaos, desperation, and danger had we not had the proper education and faith that we did.

Because of this I encourage all of you to educate yourselves on what to do should you not make it to your desired destination of birth and to encourage those around you to do the same.  This could have been the experience of any pregnant woman, not just one who planned to be home alone.  I say this, not to instill fear into women to rush to the hospital at the first sign of contractions; not to spend more time and money on visits and ultrasounds to ensure you make it to the hospital.  I say this to encourage you to learn about what is safe; what is necessary; what is smart.  And what is not.

From the moment my water broke, my contractions went from 4-20 minutes apart to literally continual.  From the moment I realized that I was no longer just going to the bathroom but was giving birth to my baby, I had 5 maybe 10 minutes to prepare.  Not everyone will have an experience like this, but had I not been prepared, I could have easily become very afraid and could have hurt myself or my baby.  Instead, as I said, our experience was one to enjoy and has left a special imprint on our minds and hearts.

God is truly an awesome God who should be trusted, even when it may not make sense to a single person around us.  We knew that this was what we were to do, and now we see, God had us prepare for what was to happen anyway.  He is faithful and true.  Praise His Mighty name that He loves, protects, and covers us.  He does not leave us to figure this all out on our own.  If we’ll just listen, we’ll know just what to do.  Maybe not why, but we’ll be safe. That’s what Daddy’s do.

Take from our experience what you can to have the safest, most incredible birthing experience possible.

God bless!


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