Our fellowship with God results in repentance; repentance results in blessing; and blessing results in success.

Since Esau could find no place of repentance for simply selling his birthright, why did David find repentance for adultery and murder?

Esau was selfish and wished to recover what he had surrendered while David longed to restore his relationship with God that was interrupted due to the sin in his life.

Repentance is the desperation for God and emptiness we experience when the intimacy has been broken.  We crave to be reconciled with God.  Anything else desired is idolatry… hence we continue in our sinful ways and aren’t truly repentant at all.

Father God, I repent.  Lord, I’ve neglected this precious relationship and I long for your fellowship to return! I’ve given in to worldly desires and have satisfied the flesh in many ways. Forgive me and provide me with strength, compassion, and peace. Bring Your Words to my mind and be with me. Lead me in Your Way of Righteousness. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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