A Story from August of ’08

We always strive to educate our children on modesty and privacy.  We want them to know the sexual boundaries and know that within the boundaries it is safe, healthy, and wonderful and we believe that as long as they do that then there will be no shame. As such we are always looking for age appropriate opportunities to include the sanctity of marriage, sexuality, and privacy in normal conversation.  One opportunity arose one day when DD#1 was looking for DH and he was with me in the bathroom:

DD#1: “Mama, where’s Daddy?”

DH and I look at each other and quickly contemplate the best way to handle this: “He’s in here with me.”

DD#1: “Uhhhh… Why is he in your privacy?”

DH and I then try hard not to laugh too hard for her to hear and then explained: “Well, it is appropriate and good for married couples to be in each other’s privacy.”

DD#2: “Yea, and when I have a husband we can share our chuthers privacy!”

Daddy: “Yep.  That would be good!”

Lol! I am totally laughing as I recall that conversation. So cute!


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