I Look to the One

I’m done being surprised and caught off guard.
Doing this over and over is just too hard.
So I turn away and I look to the One
Where throwing my hands up means much more than “I’m done”
I’ve come to know, it simply doesn’t matter
Whether I’m quiet, thoughtful or flatter
No matter what I say, think, or do;
It’s always going to be viewed as false to you.
I won’t shut my mouth and not say a word;
Even though this is what’s preferred.
I’ll speak my mind, and tear down this wall,
Because I am me while I stand and when I fall.
If it’s easier for you to leave, then go without a thought;
You will no longer leave me distraught.
I’ve cried my tears and dried my eyes,
What’s the point in loving lies?
The greatest thing to know, I do
That God loves me with a love that’s true.

So goodbye and who knows – maybe we’ll meet again some day;
But either way, I am okay.


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