DD#2 tied a shoelace around her neck to which prompted a conversation that ended with –

Mama: “And if you stop breathing you could die. Dying is permanent hun, it’s not like when you take a nap. You won’t wake up.”

DD#2, with as much “what’s the big deal” anyone could possibly muster with voice, facial expression an…d body language, says: “Yea, but you just go to heaven.” LOL

An additional note: It wasn’t a scary thing… we were just talking about it. 🙂 She didn’t have it tight and wasn’t turning blue… it was just loosely tied more like a necklace but because of her age and level of clumsiness, I didn’t feel comfortable with it. Her response was innocent and sweet – not her saying she didn’t care if she died – and not me taking death lightly. 😉

There’s a healthy balance to every conversation. I want my kids to value life but I also don’t want them to be afraid of death. I want them to live their life fully and love those around them with all they have, but have the ability to let go and get through their grief if someone close to them dies. I didn’t let this go and watched for more opportunities to teach on this.


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