By Chris Whitten

Verse 1 –
I live a life I wasn’t meant for.
Driving down roads I know by name.
Wonder where it’s gonna get me.
How much am I to blame?

It’s hard to think about a someday.
When my mind it will be free.
From the ropes and chains that blind me.
From the one who lets me see.

All this noise is just confusion.
Busy-ness to sate my thirst.
All of it is a distraction.
From the day we leave this Earth…

Chorus 1 –
You don’t know me, like I don’t know me, but I know the one who does.
All the time He’s wasted on me. All the gifts He’s placed within me. I can’t begin to earn His love.

Verse 2 –
Maybe that’s the point now.
Yeah, that’s why we’re here.
I gotta look outside myself.
Gotta learn to own my fear.

I’ll stare across the ocean.
Of all my doubt.
Troubled seas surround me.
To the north, east, west and south.

If I only look within me.
At the hurt that I breed.
I can’t love like I should.
My heart can’t be free.

Gotta figure out a plan here.
My time could be next.
Learn to appreciate by
what I’ve been blessed.

Chorus 2/Outro –
So I have a question. Is this how you feel destined? Like me: in fear, in pain, alone?
Grab my hand I’ll take you with me. It’ll be a long hard journey. But we’ll find our way back home.


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