I Serve the Lord Renown!

I love, have joy, I mourn;
I serve, give mercy, I warn;
I pray, I’m tender, I grant compassion;
Yes, I partake in all of these actions.

I’ve been accused, my actions aren’t genuine;
That my thoughts are not my views or personal passion;
That I ignore my true feelings and do as I’m told;
To do anything else would be “ever so bold.”

It’s annoying when the truth is ignored;
That I have “no choice” because I serve my Lord.
I fight to forgive, and I’m frustrated until,
I choose to let it all go, and I trust in God’s will.

Of course I also have anger and struggle with fear,
But in these I trust that I can persevere.
I try not to give in to these temptations,
To treat others poorly and lose all my patience.

The Lord provides a picture of perfection
And my hope is in His resurrection.
It’s because of Him my life was formed,
And through Him my heart is transformed.

I’ve seen perfect love and can love more genuinely.
Perfect joy and can smile more readily.
Perfect peace even as the tears may fall,
And perfect patience in the midst of it all.

Perfect kindness He’s given to me,
Yes, perfect goodness is all that I see.
Perfect faithfulness in His promises,
And perfect gentleness I cannot dismiss.

His actions help me change my life,
To be a better mother, better friend, and wife.
Oh yes, it’s clear that he’s no dictator;
He came to serve even as our Creator.

So to say I do these because I am told,
Is simply wrong and bitterly cold.
That I don’t take care of me is confused,
It was HIS body that was beaten and bruised!

I have my struggles that don’t compare
To the cross that He did bear.
I give my life to Him each day,
Not to earn his love or repay.

You see, the separation of me and my sin
Are not struggles I endure to “please” Him.
It’s to overcome the ugly from sins done to me,
When I should have just been young and free.

Though I do hope to be a pleasing sight,
I know my God is just and right.
I live my life enjoying my Father.
Even when I make mistakes, I’m never a bother.

So today, I parent my children with love and with care,
Protecting them; oh the predator wouldn’t dare!
It’s God’s Word that has taught me how;
Not the world – not then, not now.

Even still, children are hurting
With evil they are dancing and flirting,
Because their parents don’t look to God
And yet I’m the one who’s seen as odd.

It doesn’t matter what God does,
There are still going to be those who put up a fuss;
They’re going to twist the things He’s said
To match up with with what they want instead.

Where standards were higher
(When men rebuked even the liar)
They refer to God as evil and unforgiving
For not allowing certain sinners to go on living.

Upon mankind lowering their standards,
God increased His grace for sinners.
Still He’s seen as powerless
For forgiving all those who repent and confess.

When God did not hide what was good and what was evil,
People then called Him power hungry and tyrannical.
Where God has given grace and forgiveness
People then claimed “the law no longer exists!”

I will stand firm in the truth, His Word, that I see,
Not just because of His decree.
I’m not struggling under harsh commands nor do I succumb,
I live for Him because in His Word there is wisdom.

I love because He made me to love,
I don’t do so because of any shove;
I have joy because victory is won,
Even as I may mourn I find comfort in His Son.

I do my best to serve others,
Not just because they’re my sisters and brothers.
I reveal what I’ve learned about the Word,
Because the misconceptions are absurd.

I know I’m not close to perfection:
I am hurtful, I’m mean, and I fear rejection.
I hate that I’m that way
Because it’s WRONG, okay!

So when you see a Christian friend
Stop and think of where they’ve been.
I’m a lot like you, I’ve experienced pain
But believe it or not, He’s broken those chains

Because the sorrow I’ve endured lasted only a “night”,
Yes it led me to turn around my life,
To stop acting scared and feeling alone
The past I’ve had I don’t bemoan.

I give God the glory to all my success.
Had I not known Him, I would still be a mess!
He’s my all! I shout it out loud.
All alone or in a crowd.

So whether someone believes the Bible or even hates it
Spreads the lies and refuses to admit it
Try as one might, they won’t succeed in tearing me down
Because I serve the Lord renown!


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