Like MY name?!

On our way to my Aunts house, I was listing off Aunts and Uncles we’d be seeing when we got to the family reunion with my mom’s side of the family. When I got to Aunt Karen, Karyn stopped me with BIG eyes and said “Karen – like MY name!?” I said, “Yep!” … So we get there and Aunt Karen is coming toward the van and I say “There’s Aunt Karen!”

Aunt Karen comes close and Karyn says all soft like “Are you Auntie Karen?”

With big eyes and the most precious excitement ever, after she answered her she says, “I’m Karyn TOOO!!!!”

I also learned that Karyn shares a birthday with my Aunt Jan! I think I remember my mom saying this to me before but it clicked in my head this time! haha When I shared that with her, her wheels were turning for sure.


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