And the UC Journey Continues!

Last night I learned that I am pregnant!! Although I suspected it, the line coming through on the test still seemed unreal for the first moments. I walked out of the bathroom and shared the news with my friend, and then we both inspected the box to be sure we were reading it right (I have a history of misreading it hahaha). In shock and near disbelief I called my husband to let him know the news! The conversation went like this:

Me – “I just wanted to share with you some news.”
DH – “Okay, what’s up?”
Me – “Well… I’m pregnant!”
DH – “Oh man! How did that happen?”
Me – “I don’t know! I hear it’s contagious.”
We chuckle and end the call – both of us clearly excited in our own language. haha

The more I thought about it after that, the more excited I began to get. I am going to have an itty bitty baby that is mine but isn’t my other three – talk about surreal! I can’t even wrap my mind around the idea! I will be preparing for another homebirth and doing so in our new home! I’m going to be holding my sweet baby boy or girl in less than a year! No more monthlies lol and the list goes on.

So, I’m estimating conception to have been about 3 weeks ago so I’ll be due around the last week of July 2011. How exciting! Time to get drinking my RRL tea, keeping up with my diet and exercise, doing my stretches to prepare for birth and to encourage the baby to be in the vertex position for a more comfortable birth! Oh and up my water intake as well. 😀

I am so excited to be pregnant and journeying down this road to meeting our newest blessing. God is so very good and we trust in His perfect plan. He is always faithful!


3 thoughts on “And the UC Journey Continues!

  1. Hey girl, I am so excited about this 🙂 I normally just chat with you on FB, but I enjoy your updates on here, too. Congrats; will be praying for all of you! Lisa T.


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