Mama’s Got a Baby in Her Belly

DD#1 squealed with big eyes and DD#2 was wowed at the news that they are having another little brother or sister.  I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I’ll have another baby… trying to imagine holding another child that is mine that isn’t DD#1, DD#2, or DS is truly boggling my mind! haha I will have an itty bitty baby girl that is not DD#2 or DD#1 or an itty bitty baby boy who’s not DS in just nine months! So amazing and exciting!  When I asked the girls what they wanted, they both decided they would like a little sister this time and a little brother next time (DD#2 actually asked for 4 babies first). LOL!!! Upon my explanation that there likely isn’t 4 babies in my belly, she then tried to negotiate with me which gender would be the first (both girls have the idea that we’ll have several more babies haha). I had to explain that we had to wait and find out… that we don’t put in an order like we do at a restaurant. hehe So cute.

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