It was an emotional day yesterday…

I typed this up yesterday and though the idea of its initial writing is the same, my revision has removed some of the emotional content. haha Looks like hormones are definitely wacky right now.

So yes, I sought out informative sites and blogs to find information about medical problems that can arise during childbirth and what needs to be done (as far as an alternative to the worst case scenario, which is the cesarean section). I was quickly reminded of how radically opposed some people are to those who choose homebirth.

Views and statements that seem to be popular are:
“Planning a home birth? Sorry, but you’re just selfish and reckless.”
“It’s irresponsible to not have a midwife.”
“Unassisted childbirth is just plain careless.”

Many of the views suggested that people who home birth are hippies, mystic, religious freaks, or what have you. It is believed that home birthing families (shall I say, “we”) are selfish and irresponsible people who only care about our comfort and are careless with the life of our children. That we refuse to see the dangers that come with pregnancy and birthing and that doctors are not to be the enemy.

First, I want to state that my decision to home birth started initially with little having to do with my faith, little to do with my trust or lack thereof in doctors, and little to do with the comfort of birth. These things have their parts but I am not anti-doctor nor am I afraid of them or their demands. I am not anti-hospital and I wouldn’t avoid them in the event of an emergency. I am not selfish and thinking only of myself when I choose a homebirth. Ultimately, I sought out if it was Biblically supported, but my decision was based on it’s safety AND comfort.

My husband and I have taken careful steps in making this decision and we’ve only ever encouraged others to educate themselves and discover what they are most comfortable with based on the truth and not just what they’ve been told. That is not to say that I know better than a doctor… however, the doctors I’ve come into contact with, as well as those that others close to me have come into contact with, are arrogant and narrow minded to any other possible routes and get offended when we question their tactics, knowledge, methods, and especially when we refuse the recommendations they give.

I seek to make an informed decision, and much like the majority of our culture has become dependent on the lies that vaccines saved us from the epidemic of several diseases (see the charts here), I refuse to join in the belief of the lie that childbirth is innately dangerous and harmful to ones health. I’ve not based my research on biased information. I’ve searched far and wide and compiled my views based on my own rational and logical thought along with evidences I’ve found.

Pregnancy is not a disease that needs continual monitoring and probing nor is it to be frightening and stressful. Childbirth is not a death sentence that is inevitable without the hand of a doctor. What pregnancy is, is a natural part of life – as elimination, breathing, blinking, and swallowing… It’s occurred as long as humans have existed! Yet we don’t contact the doctor upon the need to have a bowel movement, even though the rare chance of it malfunctioning can take place. No we take action when there IS a problem. Childbirth is not without the potential of dangers but this is not the norm for most. This is not idealistic or hopeful. This is the truth.

I am not afraid of the doctors. In fact I appreciate them when there is a need. However they have no super human powers. They are educated in their field and under certain circumstances. I too am educated. I know my limitations and I know when I need help – and I am not afraid to ask for it. I would never allow my pride to interfere with the life of my child. If a need arose and we needed a doctor to save me or my baby, we would see a doctor -without a moments hesitation!!

We are not careless. The decision we made to home birth, as with most home birthers, is not without it’s preparation, which includes preparation for what needs to be done in the event of an emergency or an area of concern. And my only desire in sharing what I have experienced and learned along the way is to keep a log of it and share with those who are interested in expanding their own knowledge. It is never to judge… even despite my very contrary views.

I’ve not made this decision to risk my babies lives, I’m doing it to add to the quality of their life. I want the best for them… from day one.

And just for the record, if it came down to it and there was a real medical emergency, I would get the c-section. I’d just rather be educated and avoid it all costs if it is possible without endangering my life or the life of my child… and in most cases, it is.


2 thoughts on “It was an emotional day yesterday…

  1. My dear!! The writing is so very much on the wall …you are a natural…share it. I admire your work and progress and educated information. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a support for their “UC.”


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