A Special Visit to KS!

I went to see my sister on February 22nd and enjoyed a week of relaxing with her amazing family and some awesome women and their families. 🙂

I finally got to meet sweet 9 month old niece. It was so nice to see her older kids and their personalities and her husband… he always makes me feel welcome and loved (and always gets me laughing about something)! 😉 So glad I got to spend time with them all.

A few days into my visit, we went to see my sisters friend (now mine!). She has 5 beautiful children. I did a lot of observing and couldn’t help but be inspired by her eldest who is 10.  You see, she had recently had a car accident and was a bit sore from it, but her eldest was well prepared to help her with what needed to be done… and cheerfully! Of course, near the end of the night, you could tell she was tired but she still did it and without hesitation. What a sweetheart to help in such a way. Her heart for her family was obvious and oh how it blessed mine!  All of her children were absolutely wonderful in their own uniqueness. I was struck at how so many who argue against large families in their confusion that there is no individuality in such a setting… because they were all different and each had very distinct personalities. I simply can never go back to having never met them. They stole my  heart!

The weekend came and we went to visit with several ladies who have become precious to us both. Our hostess and her husband who was so helpful and willing to make it all work, was absolutely as I pictured to be. She was fun, sweet, helpful, hospitable, and social. It was so easy to talk to her and so nice to do so without typing! You see, we met a few years ago, either while I was pregnant or after our first UC – through the blogosphere. We began to develop this meet up into a blossoming friendship – and now it is oh so very special!  As she spent time with her guests, she did so gracefully while also tending to her 3 year old daughter and 9 month old son.  She shared of her flaws and was thankful where God has brought her.  She was genuinely the woman we knew from facebook!  Thank you again, for making the get-together possible and for making it absolutely comfortable to be in your home!

Our other friend arrived and she was fun and outspoken. I wasn’t sure how to dive in and talk with her but once I just did it, it came freely from there. I realized I had nothing to be hesitant about! She too was very laid back and very much herself via the internet as she was in real-life.  It was so fun to see her face move as she spoke and to hear her voice (how weird does that sound – lol!). Even less than a week later, it all feels so surreal. She had her son with her and shared about her girls and her husband. Their whole family sounds like so much fun! 🙂

Then our friends (who are sister in-laws with each other) arrived next and though we’ve never talked as personally as I had with our hostess and our friend who’d already arrived, it was just the same with them. I realized I had never seen a picture of one and while I had seen a picture of her sister in law, her pictures simply didn’t do her justice.  It was fun to see them interact, their sarcasm – sometimes almost harsh, but always obvious that it is all in fun. 🙂 They had their babies with them. It was so nice to see them and it helped to put kids names to parents faces. Now, when I read their posts, I can picture them and it’s even more enjoyable! We also met a new face!

We laughed and talked about many different things. It was nice to hear a little bit of background and share some background of my own as well. It was truly a special time and I look forward to doing it again, someday. 🙂

The night we went home, my sister and brother in-law were able to go out on a date. From what I gather it was interesting and slightly eventful but most of all it was relaxing and a time for them to just enjoy each other.  The whole week with them was so nice and we were finally able to get a picture of the two of us together!

Thank you for being such an awesome friend and sister. I really can’t put into words how special you’ve become to me, but every moment with you is cherished. Whether we’re hanging out on the floor (hehehe) or driving around, at walmart or having a heart to heart – it’s all just as important to me and enjoyed just as much!

I miss them all so much! I really look forward to the next time. Give all the little one’s love from Auntie and let them know often of how much I love them! 🙂

I’m so glad to be home with my husband and kids. A week is a long time to go without them but I made sure to soak in each moment while I was away. Now to focus on my family and to prepare for our sweet fourth child to be born! What a year this will be!! Bless you all!!


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