Tomato Staking

Found a couple of oldies from when I first started tomato staking the girls. So sweet and funny!!

DD#1 (when she was 3 years old) was jumping up and down for me and I quietly said – “Excuse me?” and she stopped immediately and said “Excuse me, Mother?” and waited until I responded! LOL (BTW I never told her to call me mother! haha)
DD#2 (when she was almost 14 months old) was screaming and I said “[DD#2], NO screaming” and instantly she stopped and signed please.
DD#2 took DD#1’s toy that she was playing with and DD#1 starting acting like an animal and screaming/crying for it back. I quickly went in and said “Excuse me?” and she, through tears put on a big smile and said “Excuse me, Mother?”Me: “What love?”

DD#1: “Have please uh can I have my purse?”

Me: “Certainly, go ask [DD#2] nicely for it.”

DD#1: “[DD#2], have please uh can I have my purse?”

DD#2 handed purse back.

Me: “[DD#2], say sorry to your sister for taking it without asking first.”

DD#2 runs to DD#1 and hugs her saying “Sah-sah sistah”


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