I thought it was Tarzan!

For the last week or so, DD#1 has been requesting to watch “The Wild Thornberries”. The first time she asked she said “I like to call it Tarzan because of the little wild boy.” Thinking okay, that’s cute… after all, I used to call Perfect Strangers, “Balki” because of one of the characters and it’s a funny thing to me now because I didn’t know the actual name of the show until I was an adult. haha

So just now, she says, “I want to watch Tarzan!” She puts it on Netflix and the opening starts out with explaining their situation, naming also the wild boy as “Donny,” to which DD#1 says, “Oh, his name isn’t Tarzan! It’s Donny! I thought it was Tarzan!” Then she began laughing at herself for her apparent silliness. She’s so cute. I didn’t realize she thought his name was Tarzan; I just assumed it was because he was a wild boy – like Tarzan. hahaha


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