Katlyn Will Save Us!

Katlyn was putting together a puzzle of Ariel and Derek from The Little Mermaid and the following took place:

“‘Oh no! Where is my arm! Where are my legs?? What’s happening’ ‘I don’t know! I am missing some of my face!’ ‘ Katlyn will save us!'”

She then started singing a suitable version of “I love you” from Barney for them. “I love you, you love me. We’re the best husband and wife as husband and wife should be! With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you! Won’t you say you love me too!” lol

“‘Eric! Don’t leave me! Please don’t go!!’ ‘I have to go! I just have to!’ ‘Oh… I’m over reacting… I’m over reacting because I don’t want you to go.'” LOLOLOL!! Where does she come up with this stuff. hahaha

She then talking in something like a British accent. lol

She began singing the song again and after she says “Won’t you say you love me too?” She has the other say, “I love you too.” lol

Christopher began dancing to her singing. hehe


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