“Alright, DD#2, take this bucket and fill it as much as you can of toys!”

*Rushes quickly as if I’m timing her*

“Done, Mama!”

“Good! Now take this basket and pick up all the clothes you find!”

*Rushes quickly and sings a little too*

*Comes to me pouting…*

“Mama! I was only able to get two in the basket… [DS]  got the reeeest.”

“It’s not a competition silly, it’s okay if he helps you!”

*Big smile* “Ohhh… tsss.”

“Now go into the other room and see if you can find some in there, okay!”

*Runs down the hallway – [DS] and her both giggling about it as they find clothes to put in the basket*

“Here’s all the clothes! Here’s all the clothes I can find! OH! Here’s some pants!”

“Great, pick them up please.”


“Great job! Now bring the basket over to the dryer, go blow your nose, and then you can go play some more! Thanks for your help!”

*BIG smile… then RUNS down the hallway.”



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