Know what you know and trust what you know.

My husband and I have chosen unassisted childbirth (UC) as a means of welcoming our babies into the world. As I share so often on this, I hope that women who choose UC when they feel drawn to it and do everything within their power to prepare and understand what it is they’re choosing. It’s hard to describe that deep, intense pull that one feels to such things as UC. I feel that pull and we feel strongly that this is what is best for me, our baby and for our whole family.

I don’t say this to suggest there is more risk or less risk, but there potentially could be if one didn’t research how to be healthy and to prepare for what may come up (and know how to handle any given situation). The same could happen in a hospital – if one isn’t prepared and doesn’t understand the risks of certain interventions, more risks could take place (despite the fact that the doctor is considered liable). We need to take responsibility over our health, our births, and our lives.

That’s my encouragement to every woman ~ prepare and understand what you are choosing. Be educated in the procedures and know your rights. Stand up for what is best for you and find a caregiver who is supportive of your desires and compassionate if something should arise that interferes with it. Plan for the best and be educated on the worst and move forth without fear. Know what you know and trust what you know. 🙂


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