I woke up early again this morning. The last few mornings have been early and I’m beginning to see some really positive changes in my sleep habits. It’s funny how you don’t even realize how poorly you’re sleeping and how badly you might need more until you are getting a decent amount. lol It’s really important that I stick to it for the rest of my pregnancy. I am much more tired this time and it’s been kicking my behind to be hit with mid-day exhaustion with three littles to care for.

DH is back to work again today. He was in some pain last night but overall is glad to be back to work. I’m finally seeing him coming back to his normal self. He’s been stressed, distraught, distracted, and withdrawn and it’s a relief to see him doing better in all areas. It feels like my husband is returning to me even though he never left. I’ve missed my best friend.

Today is a day of spending time with the kids and school work and getting the housework done. I’m looking forward to it even! I’ve got laundry to tackle, dishes to defeat, and some organization of my bedroom to accomplish. I’ll be happy if I get laundry and dishes done for today though!

The kids are all enjoying life as always. They are certainly happy for the warmer weather and the yard to play in. Mud is their activity of choice as of late and boy have they gotten grubby. So if you see me in the store and they aren’t the cleanest of kids ~ smile. They’ve been having lots of fun and I’m happy for that. They have also been pretty crazy the last month… or maybe I’ve been stressed so it seems more crazy than normal. LOL Either way, we’ve been working to adjust our schedules around so to start being and stay being consistent. It’s gotten a bit away from me but the help and support of some close friends nearby has certainly been my saving grace!

Summer is fast approaching and the kids are anxious in their reading so we’ll keep working where they have been and pick up some more lessons and work on some sight words to keep them on their game and to continue learning more. DD#1 will be turning 7 years old in just another week! So official homeschool enrollment will take place before fall comes. Can’t believe it! DD#2 will be turning 5 come July 2… what seemed a lifetime away has come upon us quickly! She is doing a good chunk of reading as well so we’re going to be working with her on that as she gets prepared for official homeschool enrollment in a couple years. DS is coming upon 3 years old on August 6… which is a week or so after we’re expecting the arrival of our newest little! He’s testing more boundaries which is part of this age and reaching new strides in vocabulary and relating with others. It’s been fun and interesting, trying and frustrating, encouraging and pleasant all wrapped in one. haha

We have 7 more weeks until we reach the estimated date of when the baby will be born. It’s hard to believe that time will come in just a month and a half! Seven weeks seems far away still, but as this year has been so far, I imagine it will come upon us more quickly than we expect. We are ready for baby to come and we’re in the preparation stages still but have nearly everything we need but the house needs some organizing and tidying.

Thanks again for all the prayers. We appreciate them all and all the support we’ve received. The words of encouragement and unexpected gifts have been humbling and inspiring. I pray God would bless all the people in my life for being there for us during this crazy time.


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