The Blossoms That Come Just Before the Fruit

Back in December I prayed: “Lord, I pray, since I am looking forward to seeing You, that You would rid me of my impatience, purify me of my blemishes, help me in my temptation, and remove any discontent from my heart and replace it with your amazing peace. Bring understanding and reveal to me the things that which I must guard against. May I grow in Your grace and in Your knowledge and may all of it bring glory to You. In Jesus’ name! Amen.”

I can see how He has moved in my life since then and how much peace surrounds me even in times of trouble – I’m so thankful for the God I serve. If you are struggling, pray this prayer too… allow God to prune you as a fruit tree. He is a faithful and trustworthy Gardener with an amazing green thumb if we allow ourselves to be rooted in His Word. Don’t stop at the blossoms though… FRUIT is coming!!!


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