Extended Family and Surprises!

Special Visit with Auntie Dubba and Auntie Sarah (a surprise wedding gift for Auntie Chelsea’s wedding), and Auntie Chelsea’s Wedding, of course!

177000_3668368981089_697913376_o 177044_3663153130696_1675168125_o 290011_371288959591447_347615083_o 335907_3668364460976_1002072741_o 335948_3533614658715_733741598_o 411374_3615577581337_1917110033_o 456484_3615579501385_330574968_o 457100_3653894659240_743202877_o 458314_3301268252752_1673643731_o 458802_3615533300230_753132668_o 468704_3654887484060_316035353_o 468933_3637894059235_870078102_o 469633_3636220217390_307056211_o 474091_3668368901087_1620794621_o 523440_3714534735204_1176323037_n 563966_3714534935209_61519893_n 600456_3636682388944_1584955518_n


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