Proud Mama Moment

After months of feeling kind of at a loss in how to help my oldest two daughters to want to help each other (rather than feel like the other owed them) with the kitchen duties, I’ve been so pleased to see their interactions the last couple days. What happened? My 11yo burnt her finger while making pancakes the other morning so she’s not been able to do the dishes and my 9yo has been doing them by herself.

When it slipped my mind and I asked my 11yo to wash up the dishes after breakfast, my 9yo said, “I’ll get it! She can’t do it remember?” and after lunch today, my 11yo said “How else can I help you? Since you have had to do all dishes yourself, I’d like to make it up to you.” ❤ 

It’s nice to know that when the need arises, they have each others backs. Proud proud Mama right now. 🙂


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