My Journey of Healing

“…there is beauty in destruction and it comes in the form of restoration.  Such a restoration comes through the process of discovering where value is truly found, which was established at the beginning of creation in the beauty of a Savior.”

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7 thoughts on “My Journey of Healing

  1. You have been so transparent. So very candid while being so full of grace. Rather than oozing hate & anger, I am blessed to see that you have done your best to tell the truth while at the same time honoring the Lord in how you tell it. Thank you for this. I am so sorry you were deceived & mistreated like this. Somehow there is justice in your not having to face that man again… Perhaps its not for me to judge him, but I am glad for your sake. I hope & pray that God will use your willingness to tell the truth & your gentle way of sharing it to help the hurting hearts of many. Thanks too for the affirmation of caution re our own children. You are so right- better to offend in error than to err.


  2. What you went through is terrible! I am glad you are brave enough to move on in your life and willing to post the truth. It is so important to speak the truth.

    Have you seen Dan Allender’s latest book Healing the Wounded Heart? You could find it on Amazon and I have been reading it but it is very good.

    Peace and freedom to you!


  3. Thank you, Cherilyn! I’ve healed so much through my writing/journaling! I’ve never heard of Dan Allender, I’ll take a look! Bless you! ❤

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  4. Link to Allender’s book, You don’t have to publish these comments–just sending them as a resource for you to use as you choose. Blessings on your journey!



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