The Rest is Cake

As the kids were starting to get bored with the books they had and began watching way more tv than I like, I finally made my way to the local library. The older kids picked out some books to read (some Choose Your Own Adventure stories, a sci-fi fantasy book, and a book about dinosaurs) and my babes got some board books to read as well and you’d think I had brought them to get ice cream at Disney Land. 😛 I woke up this morning to super quiet kids – all sitting around reading their own books. Such a better feeling than finding them all staring at a tv screen. ♥ I love that they love to read! And I love that I have to say, “put your book down to get your chores done, then you can read some more after” in order for them to get their jobs done. ♥

Unschooling: If they love to read and they love to learn, the rest is cake. 🙂


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