Allergic to Cats?!

Sooo I’m thinking I’ve developed a cat allergy in my adult life. I just never considered it because I was around cats throughout most of my life growing up. Well, we got our cat, Ninja, a few months before I got pregnant with Kimberlyn and I’ve been dealing with a runny nose every day since but just chalked it up to fall allergies and then winter time sniffles and then I attributed it to the pregnancy. After I gave birth to her, it was fall once again and then winter… then when spring came I thought, well maybe I have spring allergies now! lol

Then we moved to KS and I had no symptoms so I thought finally, I’m not sick (I was here for three months without my husband and our cat)! Then a few months later, it came back. Well, I figured it was my apartment as it was pretty dry and dusty in there but when we moved an hour away and I still dealt with it, I figured maybe it was a longer running issue than sniffles and where we were living at the time. I began researching mold toxins, adrenal fatigue, chronic cold symptoms, cancer… LOL I mean, I just wanted to know what the heck was up! Then one day, out of nowhere, I was sitting and the thought crossed my mind “developing a cat allergy in adulthood.” I thought, that’s a weird thought to have. So I looked it up and boom! It explained every single thing I’ve been dealing with. So I decided to watch when I had the flare ups.

I have no issues at night (Ninja isn’t allowed in our room) and when it gets its worst is when he’s sitting near me and when it’s best is when he’s across the room and right after we’ve vacuumed. About two months ago I also visited a friend a for a few days and I had no symptoms. So there you have it. I am allergic to cats.

Now a question for all my naturally minded friends – do you have an suggestions in getting rid of it? LOL Or atleast helping with the itchy eyes and scratchy throat? Is there a root cause that may have triggered me to develop this issue? I had some candida stuff going on during my pregnancy that could have developed prior to becoming pregnant as well as some adrenal issues. Could that have played a part in becoming sensitive? Fix me with everything you know without synthetic medications since getting rid of our cat isn’t an option (my kids adore him very much)! haha 😀


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