Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (28ish weeks)

So with my last 3 pregnancies, I drank Red Raspberry Leaf (RRL) Tea from about 16wks on, but with this one, I felt led to hold off for a bit longer and I just started drinking it here and there at about 26wks? I think. Well, I just drank some and now I have some contractions that are kicking my butt! haha And I think the baby is transverse so every time I have a contraction, the baby is like a football in my abdomen! Ohhh boy… I’m recalling some of the work that goes into getting this baby out… thankful for the help from the RRL Tea so my body can prep and be ready for the big day that we get to meet this sweet little babe!! 12ish weeks left! I can’t believe it! Woohoo!

Here’s the baby kicking from a day or two ago. It’s quick at the 15th second so don’t miss it! haha


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