“Daddy Hugs are Squeeze”

Kathryn was just crying and she didn’t know why so I offered to give her a hug. I asked her if she wanted a Daddy hug and if that would help and she said, “No, Daddy hugs are squeeze, but they make me laugh.” So I asked if a Daddy hug without squeezing her would be better and she said yes. So Chris hugged her gently and rubbed her back for a minute and then she pulled back and smiling ever so sweetly she said, “I feel all better.” And walked back into her room. ♥♥♥ I love how well my kids communicate. Sometimes it takes me asking some questions to help, but they really are so self-aware sometimes, it’s surprising. Love these littles so much!!! I don’t remember feeling that way… I was so confused for so long, it’s such a sweet blessing to see them not struggle with that. ♥


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