Annual Apple Festival

Thanks to some new connections in town, I learned they had an annual apple festival today. They gad historical re-enactments and some demonstrations on skills and crafts from pioneer times! All the kids were free! We only got pictures of before we left and at the petting zoo (it’s hard keeping everyone together, out of everyone’s way, keeping a baby happy, and giving everyone a turn lol) but the kids had a great time! I’m quite sore though… 3 hours of walking, taking turns carrying the 2yo, and picking up the 4yo to see, with only 3 mins of sitting probably wasn’t a great idea. LOL Happy times though. Glad we did it. It was fun to see the blacksmith and to push the handcar with all the kids. They got to walk through a caboose that was active from 1927-1982 and looked at a quilt display, they enjoyed a Native American dance and got to see inside a teepee. They especially enjoyed sitting in the desks at the one room school and the pews in the little church. 😀 It was a great time.


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