Hear God’s Voice and Act

I read this thought this morning and it really struck me.

“I don’t believe for one second God is allowing it, but that those he gives the opportunity to make a difference choose to ignore his leading for morality and justice.”

It struck me because I just wrote a blog about God allowing tragedy last week… and what a great thought on the subject. I’ve honestly gotten to a place of acceptance even if not fully understanding the idea of God allowing bad things to happen, but this calls for people to hear His voice, step up, step out, and be His people. Are we a people like Jonah who are afraid of confronting people and ending the depravity surrounding us; afraid of using our positions of authority in a manner that could hurt, offend, or even tick off those we’d be confronting? Are we more afraid of man than we are of the God of heaven and earth? Are we a faithful people or a fearful people?

Jonah didn’t want to tell Nineveh as God had commanded him to of their need to repent. He was afraid they would kill him, but God had a plan for the nation and it resulted in fruit for Jonah’s life as well as the people of Nineveh.  Jonah was used to warn the people of their ways and as a result the nation turned their hearts toward God – and God was glorified as He poured out His grace on them and forgave them as they repented of their sinful ways.

I posted in another entry how I had come to a place of believing that God allowed my sexual abuse to take place… and I know I won’t know on this side of heaven, but it’s an interesting perspective, that no, He didn’t allow it. Perhaps instead, the people He called to say something and end it or even more, prevent it, didn’t listen and allowed their fears to overpower what was the good and right thing to do as God was leading them. How many times have I allowed this in my own life, hearing God instruct me and not listening – so many times.

I pray we become a people who no longer allows fear to lead us – but that we would hear God’s voice and act! ♥


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