It’s In the Details

DD#1 (11yo): “What are you making?”
Me: “I told Daddy I’d make him bacon and eggs for supper.”
DD#1: “Oooh! Can I help make it! You mentioned last time I could help put the bacon on the cookie sheet the next time you make it.”
Me: “Hmm… sure, just finish what you’re doing quick so that the dishes aren’t falling all over the place.” (she was working on dishes and had clean dishes piled up high.

♥ And I’m reminded that it doesn’t take a lot to show our kids they are important. It’s in the details, folks, it’s in the details. 😉 She also asked to make DH’s eggs and was so proud of herself that she made her first omelet and said: “I can make bacon AND omelets!!! My future husband is going to LOVE me!!” hahahahhaa Love this girl!


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