So really…

I go to check on DD#1’s room that she’s been working to clean:
Me: “Alright, you can go outside for a while and when you come back in, I want you to focus on it completely. I don’t want you to slack just because you aren’t getting a reward.”
DD#1: “What do you mean? Focus on it. I focused on it this time, right?”
Me: “Yes, I mean, I want you to focus on it just as well without the reward of getting a break to go play outside.”
DD#1: “Ahh! Well, there’s always ONE reward when I do something you ask me to do, and that’s making you happy that I did it.”
Me: “Yes hunny, that definitely makes me happy.”
DD#1: :: stands halfway out the door:: “So really, every time you ask me to do something, doing it is worth it.” ::slips out the door::

Note: Just to clarify… her room looks like a storm has gone through it because I’m not forcing her to clean her room like a drill sergeant….

dot dot dot


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