Music: From Me to My Sister J

Written by my husband, 

Why can’t I seem to let go of you?
In spite of all the times
you’ve slammed the door.
Keep telling myself,
“this time I’ll break through,”
and make you see the truth
you didn’t wanna see before.
Well, I’m tired of the lies,
how you make me hurt inside,
tired of this one way love affair.
It’s easy to see,
that you’ll never think of me.
You’re too busy looking at yourself
to realize I’ve always cared.
So I’m gonna stand up,
and dust myself off,
gonna breathe in, give thanks to the Lord,
I’m not gonna give you one more day.
Gonna look out, for the ones that I love,
It’s too late, the damage is done,
but I’m done being the one who pays,
gonna start to heal today.


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