My Book: But It Does Matter…

There’s no more holding back…

Prints are available to order and will be sent in 7-10 days! The EBook is available for immediate download. ❤  Click the picture below to order your own copy!

But It Does Matter...


As a young teen, I was sexually assaulted by a man in his thirties for over a year while I babysat his girlfriend’s daughter. From the moment the truth was exposed and into my adult years, my healing was stunted by the surrounding circumstances. Here is my journey of breaking free, allowing myself to process through the pain of what I endured, and discovering the truth of who I am. This is the story of a girl experiencing darkness, surviving, thriving, becoming new, finding true security and strength, and shining a light.

“…there is beauty in destruction and it comes in the form of restoration. Such a restoration comes through the process of discovering where value is truly found, which was established at the beginning of creation in the beauty of a Savior.”

Editorial Review:

“Kristi Whitten has penned her story with rare and articulate transparency. Written in a manner that never gets dry, this book informs the reader of important truths in a language very understandable yet graciously eloquent. While the situations described here are devastating and emotionally gruesome, the reader is focused more on the psychological effects, and the story does not wallow in repetitive or unnecessary sin portrayal. In short, this is a classy book, graciously executed, and, if allowed, powerfully transformative.” Stephanie Byers, B.S. Secondary Education, Stay at Home Mom


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