I Have to Walk Away

It took me a long time to realize this. I thought for sure I needed to be better, explain clearer, talk less, etc. etc. etc. If someone doesn’t understand me, they should do the work to understand; if they don’t like something about me, it’s their job to love me and accept me where I’m at while I work through it with the Lord; if I have areas I need to grow, it’s their job to come alongside me and encourage me with the leading of the Holy Spirit and with compassion; if I’m talking a lot, it’s their job to be there and listen. And it’s my job to reciprocate.

I’m not going to force anyone to like me. I’m not going to force someone to see my heart. We all have the responsibility to love others – and that includes others loving ME.

If someone isn’t able to pour into my life to help me grow, I love on them, they need it! It’s an opportunity to be a friend and to show the love of Jesus self-lessly. However, if someone is pouring dirt and nails into my life; hurting my spirit, my heart, and my mind; and I know it’s time to walk away, I have to. I have to walk away. I am not the one who will be able to touch their heart, and that’s okay.

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