My Heart

We were in the van and driving home, and as I was scanning through the stations, the song Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson came on so I stopped and I was singing along with it. I could see my 11 year old looking at me and then looking away a couple of times in the corner of my eye, so I asked her what’s up.  This was the gist of our conversation.

Me: “What’s up, hun? Whatcha thinkin’?”
DD: “Well, what is she singing about?”
Me: “Well, she’s singing about her husband and how he’s helping her to see that a man can love well and be a good daddy after her own father left her and hurt her heart when she was a little girl.
*processes that and tears well up in her eyes*
Me: “You okay? How does that make you feel?”
DD: “Sad that she experienced that from her dad…”
Me: “Anything else… ?”
DD: “It just kinda makes me think… *breaths and a tear rolls down her cheek* …it just kinda makes me think about you and your dad and how he wasn’t there for you.”
*tears well in my eyes*
Me: “Yes, my dad wasn’t there for me when I was a little girl and I needed him. Your Daddy has helped me to feel loved and important, and I’m so glad you have him to always be here for you when you need him.”
*She looks out the window and positions herself upright. Clearly trying to stop crying.*
Me: “Do you want to talk more about it?”
DD: “I don’t think so…”
Me: “You look like you’re still feeling very deeply about it.”
DD: *thinks* “I think I want to just cry and cry.”
Me: “It’s okay to just let yourself cry. It’s sad and wrong and I’m blessed that you feel so deeply for the hurts others have in their lives.”
DD: “Okay.” *Let’s herself cry as we hold hands and I continue to drive until a few minutes pass* “Mama?”
Me: “Yes hunny?”
DD: “I’m really glad you’re my mom.”


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