‘The System Worked’

The ‘over reaction’ is in the fact that this is continuing to happen time and time again… or in worst cases, the rapists aren’t being held accountable at all. It wasn’t a rape because it needs to have been a penis??? So this woman, violated while unconscious, by a man putting his fingers inside of HER sexual organ, and dragging her around, gets a lighter sentence because it wasn’t his ‘sexual organ’? It’s not about sex people! It’s violence! Why is this still even a conversation?

If it was just about sex he could have gotten a damn girlfriend, hooked up with an interested female, masturbated, or even hired a prostitute (not that I’m condoning prostitution and would argue that in many of those cases, it’s human trafficking and those girls/women are victims too) – but seriously… it was not about sex, it was about violence and control and power. So he didn’t use his ‘sexual organ’ to violate her… what about HER sexual organ that was being violated?! Does the lack of sexual organ doing the assault lessen cases of child molestation when the same things happen? What about foreign objects that aren’t fingers or the sexual organs? Why does that even matter? How does that make the violation any less? How does that make what he did to her and took from her any less of a crime?

There is no over reaction. Women are not being protected in this country. ONE in FIVE women are raped on campuses every year. ONE in FOUR female children and ONE in SIX male children are molested/sexually assaulted by the time they are 18 years old. These statistics should be taken way more seriously than they are. When a person is found GUILTY of a crime of sexual violence (involving HER sexual organs!!!) there should be a real consequence! Not a laughable and cringe-worthy 6 months!

How dare he say it’s an over reaction. Can we have some men of honor please rise up?! Please take a stand for the women in this nation?! Please fight for us and with us!


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