Jesus Is Enough

I awoke with so many thoughts in my mind … so as I sat in the silence, I began praying for God to give us the answer to all the heartache surrounding us… and in that moment I saw Him in my mind and a knowing came over me as I realized He is the only answer. The enemy desires to instill fear, hopelessness, and division, where God calls us to live in faith, hope, and love. I realized a truth I had already known, but was distracted from: awareness of evil isn’t the answer.

The awareness of hope, healing, and a Savior is.

Jesus is the answer. He’s the only One that ends the heartache.

So today, I pray… for the hurting, for perspective, for empathy and compassion, for healing and for hope, and for intimate encounters with Christ… because Jesus is the answer.

Jesus is enough.


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