Finding Empowerment

1-peter-3-3 proverbs-31-25


As a woman, I’ve found a need to discover empowerment through the truths in the Word:









Not the confusion of the world:






Too much time stressing about outer appearance and comparing myself to men has done nothing to make me feel strong… and I can see a similar response in others. It doesn’t empower me in a way that benefits the kingdom, my family, or myself. Empowering women as the beautiful daughters of God that they are. Now that, that is where they find their true value and worth.

I see memes that are catchy…


Women must rally together. Put childish things away and support other women: empower each other by building up in strengths and bearing burdens with one another.


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It’s not an exclusive club to women. We should also empower our men to live out the call of God on their lives as well.











Let us be women as Titus 2 talks of:



Let us as older women be the example for the younger women,
and let us as younger women look to the older women as the example.








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