Trauma and Education

I was checking out a diagnostics test that I’ll be giving the kids to determine where there are gaps in their education (which is awesome btw, you should check it out: Accelerated Christian Education – the diagnostics test is free and each book is $2.70). It was interesting to see where the info being taught to me stopped sticking. I remember distinctly struggling in my 8th grade year and I was sent to a special class where I received one on one support. Once I left there, I had gone from basic math to jumping up to algebra. However, moving forward, once I returned to the class setting, as it shows in the diagnostics test, that’s where the information stopped clicking. I remembered learning about the problems I went through, recall the friends I was sitting with and the teacher I worked with through the math problems and I remember getting good test scores… but apparently, the concepts weren’t registering in my brain for the long-term. I could not remember how to solve any of the math work from my high school years. It stopped after basic algebra.

When I saw the test, I began to process what was going on during that time and my mind was blown when I realized it was at the same time I was being sexually assaulted. As I entered into 8th grade, I had begun to babysit and the grooming had begun. At some point, the trauma reached a point that it was impeding in my ability to absorb what I was learning… and it never improved. To this day, I struggle with class-type settings and my learning style is much more intimate in nature.

This was a huge realization for me, though I already had the thought that my trauma likely effected my learning ability, because it confirmed this thought. Friends, consider this with your own children. If they’ve experienced any sort of trauma, they likely wouldn’t know that their ability to focus, absorb, and understand concepts had been disrupted in a long term way.

Now, to discover how to work to allow God to restore that part of my mind that adapted to my situation to survive what was happening to me… ♥♥♥


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