Sexually Exploited

My heart is broken. The 13 year old girl, most known for the ‘cash me ousside’ meme that exploited her pain from the Dr. Phil show, is now being treated like a ‘porn star’ …

First off – she’s not a porn star. She’s a child.

I was 13 when I was groomed by a man and sexually assaulted. By some, I was told I was promiscuous, ‘it takes two to tango,’ and that I should have known better. Thankfully I had others in my life who told me I was a child; I was not disgusting; I was a victim of a predatory crime; I was coerced into choices I wasn’t mature enough nor old enough to make, both legally and mentally; I was manipulated through emotions to believe something awful that was happening was an act of love; I was beautiful, lovable, worthy, and deserved better.

This is the sad truth behind the human sex trafficking situation in our own country and why it’s continued to grow and thrive. Misinformation, condemnation, and ignorance. We have an example of it right before our eyes and instead of grief and compassion and a desire to change things, we spit, condemn, and turn our head as we shake it AT THE CHILD. THE CHILD. The victim.

Oh Lord, my heart…. please, if it touches you at all, say a prayer for that girl; send her a word of encouragement of her value and worth on her instagram account. Don’t just turn and go back to what you were doing. Please. Prayers and love… don’t just sit there wishing there was something you could do. Do something. Anything.


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