Prayer Request Please…

Friends, please pray for me. I’ve truly come so far in my healing from the sexual assault I endured at 13, but every now and again, a moment hits me and I feel like I’m grieving what happened all over again. That happened to me not that long ago and now I just feel drained. I hate even thinking about it but I also know if I ignore it, it just sits and festers inside me. Keep your babies safe, friends. Don’t be paranoid but trust your gut and remember that over 90% of reported child sexual assaults takes place by someone the child knows and trusts (and that’s just the reported cases). It’s easy to believe only monsters could do such a thing, but sadly they aren’t always so blatantly obvious as that. The man who assaulted me was my sister’s ex-brother in-law. Known and trusted by her ex-husband’s family for over 20+ years, he worked with my brother in-law and was invited to every wedding, barbecue, family gathering, hunting trip, etc. Sexual assault has a lifelong impact. Be willing to offend to protect your child more than fear being wrong. Thank you, L, for following your instincts and being willing to act to end what was happening to me. ♥ Thank you for the prayers.


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