Print Copies Now Available: But It Does Matter… (Revised Edition)

I was able to list the print copy of my book for $12 (plus s&h), so if anyone is interested, you can purchase your own print copy by clicking on the image below! ♥ The book is also available as an Ebook/PDF for $5. Please feel free to share this post with friends. ♥

As mentioned in a previous entry, since publishing my book last April, I’ve learned some things that I felt were pertinent to the genuity of my experiences. While it didn’t change what I had to work through (which is what the context of this book is), it does change the tone of how I felt it should be presented. The book is mostly the same, however it’s been worded differently in certain places to bring light to these important truths.  Please read knowing this is my experience, my story, and what I went through.  It wasn’t an easy decision to share, but I believe in going beyond my own comfort, that it can help people.  As part of my own journey of healing, knowing that my experiences can be more than just a painful scar and could help people, brings about a purpose in everything that I’ve had to work so hard to overcome.  So please share this book, and may it bring comfort to someone who might feel alone in what they’ve gone through, validation in their own struggles, truth to the lies one might believing, confirmation to one who might feel a predator is among them, and so many more. ♥

As always, I am so very grateful for the love and support and continued encouragement from each of you in my life.
From the depths of who I am, thank you.

Book cover image

But It Does Matter…

(Revised Edition)

My Journey of Healing

from child sexual assault

Kristi L. Whitten-Drummond

Licensed Independent Minister


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