Understanding a Teenager

Wow, what an awesome analogy. Not only in better understanding my own children (because wow, that makes so much sense the way he described it), but also in understanding myself when I was a teenager. You see, because of my experience of losing people I had once trusted (and were actually abusive), I was then afraid to push, wiggle, and prod to ensure my safety because I was afraid that I would lose more people I trusted and discover that I was in fact not safe.

In dealing with my emotions that I never addressed as a teenager, I think I’m still dealing with this a little… wanting to discover that those trusted people would in fact not reject me and believe the lies about me.

Knowing this actually helps me to address that desire within myself to redirect it back to the Lord instead of on people. Not because I don’t care to have a relationship with those people, but because people make mistakes, people are sinful, and people will eventually hurt you even if unintentionally. I need to get to a healthy place where I can deal with that in a healthy way. God is getting me there, so I need to continue to set my eyes on Him, the author of my faith, the one Who establishes me and guards my heart.

2 thoughts on “Understanding a Teenager

  1. Beautifully written, my darling friend. I am thankful for the wisdom you’ve gained from your hurt & pain because you’ve been able to help me process my own.


  2. I’m so grateful that my experiences can be more than just some awful thing that happened to me that I live with and deal with; but that it can be used with purpose to help others. I love you, friend! So thankful that I’m not alone.


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