His Delight in Me

Scripture: From the beginning I told you what would happen in the end.  A long time ago [From ancient times] I told you things that have not yet happened.  When I plan something, it happens [L …saying, “My counsel will stand”].  What I want to do, I will do.” Isaiah 46:10 (EXB)

Observation: beginning (foremost, first), told (declared, disclosed), end (the after-part, last), plan (purpose), happens (will be established), want (delight, pleasure), do (accomplish).

Application: God has revealed the beginning and the end, He’s foretold the coming events, those that have now past and those yet to come, and when His plan and purpose has been and will continue to be established, and his delight will be accomplished.  When I apply this to my own life, He saw me as a baby and He knows my whole being.  He told me things in my own life that would happen and some have come and gone just as He said so I trust that those that have yet to come, will.  His plan and purpose on my life has been and will continue to be established and His delight in me will be accomplished.

Prayer: Continue to use me, Lord, change me and make me more of what is Your delight. Thank You for loving me right where I’m at, but loving me enough to not leave me here also. You are such a wonderfully loving and faithful Daddy.  I’ve seen the Words You’ve spoken over my life come to pass, and I look forward to what else it is You have planned.  Continue to guide me on this path as I trust in You. Amen!

“With all my heart I try to obey You.  Don’t let me break Your commands.  I have taken Your words to heart so I would not sin against You.” Psalm 119:10-11


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